20 Best 6×9 Speakers of 2020

by nadeem | Last Updated: September 26, 2019

Everyone knows that many factory Speakers do not always supply the best bass or car sound experience to their taste. Blown or poor-quality speakers may rattle your car but not the way you want them to. But you improve your sound game by installing the best 6 × 9 speakers with good bass, crisp & clear audio. We’ve researched all the top-rated 6 × 9 car speakers of 2019, so read further to see which ones created our list.

1.JL Audio C2 690tx

These moderately priced speakers made our list because of the subtle elements they bring out in your music. Great for vocals or even woodwinds, these speakers also create deep smooth bass as well.

These 3-way speakers contain Durable polypropylene cones that can withstand high power without any distortion. You’ll truly feel these low tones headphones while the 2-inch Mylar mid-range drivers deliver the vocals. The 3/4 inch silk dome tweeters manage the high frequencies providing realism into your audio experience. With built-in crossovers, you’ll hear the complete spectrum of music. JL Audio’s C2-690tx speakers have very low 4-ohm impedance and a frequency response of 53 Hz-22 kHz.


2.Boss Audio CH6930

The Boss Audio CH6930 makes our List because it is manufactured to function at elevated temperatures to resist fatigue. This allows these speakers to hard heavy playtime which is an important feature for many men and women. Its installation is also easy.

The cone is made of polymer, a Flexible and durable material used in these speakers to make it a lasting product. The rubber is also used in its manufacturing giving it the ability to withstand exposure, as it is impermeable to air. The tweeter in every speaker is Piezoelectric that is resistant to overloads allowing it to be utilized without a crossover. Boss Audio systems come with a 3-year warranty.

3.Pioneer TS A6986R

Here is another excellent economically priced Pioneer speaker, but this one is 4-way. These speakers have a 600-watt maximum handling power.

The Pioneer TS-A6986R is made up of a soft dome tweeter with waveguide and a multi-layer Mica Matrix cone woofer with a flexible polymer surround. The sound from these speakers is well rounded and powerful. The woofer cone packs a satisfying punch when playing your music.

They’re great for car audio beginners because they make it easy to upgrade your audio system in case you don’t wish to buy separate components. Pioneer Speakers are made of quality materials. They have 4-ohm impedance plus a heat resistant voice coil. The sensitivity for these speakers is 92 dB. The crossover frequency is 2300 Hz.

4.CT Sounds Meso

We are rounding up our testimonials with this set from CT sounds, it is fair to say they will set you back a couple more pennies but there’s a highly prized pair of 2-way coaxial speakers.

Whilst 3-way class or higher is always desirable, this pair is exceedingly well built from superior parts. Further, it expertly handles peak powers of 240 watts (120 RMS) and has superb audio dispersion.

They feature high caliber silk Dome tweeters, their resonant frequency is 58Hz and they feature ferrite magnets as well as neodymium and a high-end voice coil that effectively handle songs. They have a great frequency response and very low impedance, using their superior wiring and innovative crossover circuits for high fidelity sound. The cones are fiberglass with a Nitrile Butadiene rubber surround having spring terminals and a PC spider design. They also include a mesh face grille with a chrome ring.

5.Rockford Fosgate Punch

Its circuitry is of excellent quality. For making use of their patented 3Sixty incorporated DSP, the PEI dome tweeters include a built-in crossover, they are all in all a sensitive set with a broad frequency range.

They are very nicely built, especially in light of their competitive retail cost. The Punch range is their lower-end version but features some high-end characteristics of their prestigious prime premium series. They are of a 4-way class configuration so the audio is the very complete range with natural thickness and optimum clarity. They have a power handling of 150 watts max, 75 watts RMS each pair. They used a Vertical Attach Surround Technique (VAST) which raises their cones radiation area for better dispersion. The cones are mineral-filled, injection-molded and housed at a rubber Butyl surround.


The design allows for a small adjustment. They come with grilles and mounting hardware for an easy install and ultimately, are a stylish set of impressive speakers.


6.JVC CS J6930

The 3-way system setup allows for a smooth balanced audio with every end of the frequency spectrum optimally taken care of. The lows are handled with its sturdy Mica cone woofer along with the poly-ether mid dome tweeter has been balanced to provide excellent crisp highs. They feature a hybrid surround which also helps to optimize the reverberations.

They are pretty low impedance, which is always a bonus especially if you are fitting them into old modeled vehicles since it will compensate for any immunity in factory quality wiring. They are incredibly lightweight on account of their composite nature at around half the weight that we have reviewed. Importantly, it is well made and easy to install.

7.Pioneer TSA6966R

Pioneer creates some wonderful audio products, and with their tried and tested rep, it is unsurprising that their 6x 9 set pack a powerful punch. They are another 3-way class system coaxial pair that provides a mammoth peak output of 420 g per pair.

This collection is from their favorite TS A-series, which include their stunning new multi-layer PRS collection, namely an extra lightweight rigid diaphragm expertly made from a combination of high-quality composite materials. They include a removable grille.

8.Infinity Kappa 693.11I

Our first set of 6 by 9s is these nicely assembled 3-way coaxial car speakers from Infinity esteemed Kappa collection. This highly sensitive pair has impeccable circuitry with incredibly low impedance to counter any resistance and result in an excellent upgrade from your factory stock speakers.

The cones are carbon dioxide glass fiber; the three-way setup includes a tiny 1 ″ soft dome edge-driven ultra high-frequency tweeter, to provide the most natural-looking audio possible from a humble 6 × 9 bundle. They get to benefit from Infinity’s patented plus one cone technology that serves up more surface area than other 3-way class speakers can.

9.Polk Audio DB692 Flexibility, Resilience and Price

The DB692 has taken the automobile speakers marketplace by storm. Imagine the pleasure of owning a speaker you can use with any automobile you own. The Marine-certified 3-way speaker comes in with an amazing power handling capability (150W RMS – 450W Peak Power), the sensitivity of 93 dB and 4-ohm impedance.

10.Hertz Audio HCX 690 Hi-Energy Loudest Speaker

This speaker helped us to know that a significant number of people in our inspection team were audiophiles. Hertz Audio HCX 690 speakers have their distinctive way of taking whatever genre of music you throw at them, they provide you the loudest audio that you love to hear. These speakers have got so many benefits, but the high sound quality seems to be the leading advantage of these speakers.

11. Kenwood KFC-6965S Speakers

Kenwood KFC-6965S is one of the best selling 6X9 car speakers available on the industry. They are a good set of speakers for a great price. We’ve encountered a large number of music lovers who have purchased these speakers just because of the quality sound it produces. Kenwood KFC-6965S speakers sound very good at this price. Indeed, the cost point is really low, so don’t expect ground-pounding bass and highs that are glorious too, but you’re unquestionably getting your money’s worth from them.

These budget-friendly 6X9 speakers feature 3-way design. It means the speakers produce noise from three individual devices known as the woofer, mid-range and tweeter drivers, each of which has its own greatest efficiency in a particular selection of frequencies. Keeping that in mind and since the drivers have been optimized to work in a given variety, the speaker produces better, more accurate sound than it might with a single, general-purpose driver for all audio frequencies. DB is capable of handling an adequate deal of electricity (45 g RMS), making them appropriate for both and high-powered stereo systems. Their high efficacy will let them work effortlessly together with your stock or aftermarket head unit, and with 45 watts of RMS power-handling, you can even add an external amp for a larger sound.

12. Kicker DS693 Speakers

The DS693 by Kicker is another set of this best 6X9 speaker that is worth contemplating. The kicker is one of the most authoritative brands in the loudspeaker business. They have been around for a lengthy time. Kicker DS693 speakers are impressive that considers everything. Kicker doesn’t play around when it comes to sound and build quality. And their slogan “living loudly” isn’t an overstatement in almost any way. We’d recommend these speakers for basically anybody who’s looking for quality speakers that can provide a well-balanced, clear and crisp sound, no matter your taste. If you’re on a tight budget and want amazing sound, these are the speakers for you.

They are some of the best hard-kicking 6X9 speakers on the market. However, if you’re hunting for the best 6X9 speakers for bass guitar, Kicker DS693 is a terrific purchase. The 3-way DS693 6 × 9 speakers are equipped with inflexible polypropylene cones supported by heavy-duty polyester foam surrounds. They also feature 2 ″ poly dome midrange which brings out the depth and dimension of their tools. The 1/2 ″ balanced dome tweeter on the other hand straps out the details that are high, giving your audio energy and excitement. Overall, Kicker DS693 speakers will make a night and day difference in terms of sound quality.

13. JBL GTO939 Premium 6×9 Coaxial Speaker Review

If you want something a bit more futuristic and bold in look, the premium GTO939 from JBL is a trendy product. Further, if you are searching for speakers with a great stylish look. The GTO939 speakers are equipped with cones made out of carbon-injected fibers, which allow for precise, clear sound output. All JBL GTO speakers – GTO939 included – comprises JBL® engineering triumphs such as a Plus One® woofer cone, a My-Ti ™ tweeter plus a Unipivot ™ rotating tweeter mount.

If we look at the surface area of this model, it has an identical size, which leads to a greater low-frequency response. The Unipivot ™ layout, on the other hand, lets you aim the tweeters towards the driving position for better soundstage. Also, you can use the adjustable level control (0 or + 3dB) to tweak the tweeters to your liking. JBL GTO939 speakers are rated for a sensitivity rating of 94dB, which is the greatest among all the speakers we reviewed so far. However, you can set them up into a very low powered stereo program and experience superior music in your car. They can also handle a lot of electricity, so you can also pair them up to an outboard amplifier.

14. Infinity Reference 9632cf Speakers

This set of Speakers from Infinity is excellent for people who’d prefer the Infinity title without needing to devote a lot of money on a costly pair of 6X9 speakers. We’d also suggest these speakers for those of you who don’t hear heavy bass tracks. Infinity Reference series speakers feature Plus One + woofer design that maximizes cone surface area that allows the woofer to provide rich, deep endings.

As for high frequencies, the big textile dome tweeters and these speakers are outfitted with project smooth, clean highs. The large voice coils, on the other hand, permit high power-handling. Infinity Reference 9632cf speakers are capable of managing a huge power load (100 watts RMS) continuously. They are rated for a sensitivity rating of 94 dB that’s impressive.

15.Pyle PL6984BL Speakers Review

Pyle is just another inexpensive option for budget-minded people. However, we’ve come across so many users who have purchased these speakers and loved the sound quality of these speakers. Do not be fooled by the low price, these speakers’ sound great! The highs, mids, and highs are rather clear. The only downside I could reasonably think of is it the frequency reaction goes to about 50Hz that’s weak in comparison with the other speakers which can reach as low as 30 Hz.

16. Alpine SPE-6090

Alpine is one of the legacy brands on our listing and continues to be producing high-quality automotive speaker systems for a long time, so it should come as no surprise that it makes an appearance on our top 10 listings. What may be more surprising is its claim to fame: this is the best budget speaker program. Alpine accomplishes this with a couple of features. First, using a price this low, you may earn a double-take to be sure this truly is an Alpine product.

Furthermore, a tweeter that uses dome architecture and a silk material construction has got excellent quality highs. Unfortunately, at this price point, you can’t expect the absolute best soundscape. The Alpine’s bass is somewhat disappointing – especially for the brand – while the frequency array is a bit truncated compared to a number of its competitors at a narrow 65Hz-18000kHz.

17. Kenwood KFC-6966S

Kenwood follows a similar suit as Alpine and concentrated on attractive to the largest demographic to cash in on its stellar reputation and brand name recognition. However, they were able to do this while putting out a decent speaker system which is why they got our best funding 6X9 coaxial speaker program designation. Unfortunately, to keep the cost down, these speakers would be the least powerful on our listing. With a paltry 45 RMS watts, you should not expect them to get quite as loudly as many of the additional entries on this listing.

Moreover, low energy consumption also limits the bass response of the Kenwood that’s fairly non-existent in line with this audiophile definition. However, this is still the cheapest speaker program on our list. Also, in a bid to appeal to most customers, the decent sensitivity of 92 dB averts the need of having to purchase an external amplifier.

18. Focal 690AC

Are you ready to pay a comparatively large price to get quality speakers? Focal 690AC is the best speaker system for you. Sporting a coaxial design, the aluminum dome tweeter, and woven glass-fiber woofer joins to replicate just about any noise with crystal clarity. Regrettably, that is made much easier because of this Focal’s marginally low RMS watts at only 75. Moreover, while the bass is apparent, it is not all that powerful – probably another side effect of the low RMS wattage. However, if nothing else, it follows that you will see virtually everything this speaker system must give without needing an amplifier. The Focal does offer an adjustable tweeter for additional customization with the soundscape.

19. Alpine SPS-619 

With excellent audio production and remarkable power, the actual highlight of the Alpine’s audio performance is in the high-range where its two tweeters work together to reduce high-frequency distortion emanating from the woofer while the bass remains clear and loud. This causes highs which may play at the loudest volume without sounding like a high-pitched shout – something not all of the competitors within this variety can claim. Midranges and lows perform similarly well, with each speaker generating 85-watts RMS and 260-watts peak electricity, which is traditionally lower than almost all of the Alpine’s competition. To generate the balanced noise of the SPS-619, Alpine needs less power, so it is better to rely on total energy efficiency for the reduced power handling.

20. Pioneer TS-7900PRO 

When you want to crank up the volume and dance along to the audio, the Pioneer TS-7900PRO is your speaker to beat. Having a continuous power rating of 100 watts, the Pioneer seems, at first glance, to be a Midrange speaker, but variable in its 600-watt peak power rating and it’s one of the highest in this category. The merging of Pioneer’s hardware and efficacy is good for converting electricity so that its volume results in the ability to reverse the proverbial Knob on speakers that ultimately discover crystal clear sound. The brilliantly blended pulp cone woofer and bullet tweeter get a precise Midrange and high-end audio that doesn’t overwhelm. Installation could be a little tricky, however, since the Pioneer best serves cars that have non-removable Speaker grilles since the shotgun tweeter sticks out slightly from the woofer.